The summer league runs from May to July at various pitches around Plymouth. The teams have to be made up of 5 women and 5 men plus a keeper of either sex and we usually enter 2 or 3 teams. If you are interested in taking part then please let one of the Club Officers know.


Tuesday Marjons 19-Apr 19:00 Ashmash v Tavi Tigers
Monday Lipson 25-Apr 20:15 Ashmash v Mutley Knight Raiders 1
Monday Lipson 16-May 19:00 Mutley Knight Raiders 1 v Ashmash
Wednesday Bullpoint 25-May 20:00 DS Matrons v Ashmash
Thursday Marjons 2-Jun 19:00 OPM Dodgems v Ashmash
Monday Lipson 13-Jun 19:00 I Live I Give v Ashmash
Wednesday Marjons 22-Jun 19:00 Ashmash v Dart Vaders
Tuesday Marjons 28-Jun 19:00 Tavi Tigers v Ashmash
Wednesday Lipson 6-Jul 19:00 Ashmash v OPM Dodgems
Wednesday Bullpoint 13-Jul 20:00 Ashmash v DS Matrons
Monday Marjons 18-Jul 19:00 Dart Vaders v Ashmash
Wednesday Lipson 27-Jul 19:00 Ashmash v I Live I Give
Tuesday Marjons 10-May 20:15 Plymouth Uni v Ashton
Tuesday Marjons 17-May 19:00 Ashton v Caradon Lions
Tuesday Marjons 24-May 20:15 M & M's v Ashton
Tuesday Marjons 31-May 20:15 Ashton v Plymouth Uni
Tuesday Marjons 7-Jun 20:15 Saints v Ashton
Tuesday Marjons 14-Jun 20:15 Caradon Lions v Ashton
Tuesday Marjons 28-Jun 20:15 Ashton v M & M's
Monday Marjons 4-Jul 19:00 Ashton v Dart Destroyers
Tuesday Bullpoint 12-Jul 19:00 Ashton v Saints
Monday Marjons 18-Jul 20:15 Dart Destroyers v Ashton